Park My Bite!

Programmed and designed a mobile website for food truck drivers to navigate proposed municipal laws in New Orleans. Under a city council law, food trucks could only park in specific areas: outside of 200 ft. buffer zones around restaurants and within 300 ft. of bathroom access. With Park My Bite! […]

C4 Interactive Tool

Created an interactive mapping tool for the City of New Orleans. Designed to help the Office of Cultural Economy organize the survey results for the Claiborne Corridor Cultural Collaborative (C4), this tool displays over 5,000 points of data in 56 selectable categories. The user can toggle categories on and off […]

City-Works Website

Updated and rebranded the website of City-Works, an urban planning non-profit in New Orleans. Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, City-Works provided an early framework for the community planning efforts in the rebuilding city, including new neighborhood maps, surveys of organizations, and local conferences. The website – long dormant […]