Park My Bite!

Programmed and designed a mobile website for food truck drivers to navigate proposed municipal laws in New Orleans. Under a city council law, food trucks could only park in specific areas: outside of 200 ft. buffer zones around restaurants and within 300 ft. of bathroom access. With Park My Bite! […]

C4 Interactive Tool

Created an interactive mapping tool for the City of New Orleans. Designed to help the Office of Cultural Economy organize the survey results for the Claiborne Corridor Cultural Collaborative (C4), this tool displays over 5,000 points of data in 56 selectable categories. The user can toggle categories on and off […]

City Postcards

A series of three-color posters for places in my past. The designs are constantly in flux as they are prepared for screen-printing. All of these posters represent real places: the Elm Street gate in New Haven, Bywater in New Orleans, the Huntington State Beach in Orange County. New Orleans – […]

Washington Ave. Livable Centers Study

Created posters and outreach material for the Washington Avenue Livable Centers project, a twelve month planning project in Houston, TX. A collaboration between Asakura Robinson, the Houston-Galveston Area Council, Better Houston, and many others, the Livable Centers program seeks to create walkable, mixed-use places that provide multi-modal transportation, improve environmental […]


A poster for the fifth graduate symposium at Rice University’s Center for the Study of Women, Gender, & Sexuality. By folding in half, the design doubled as the symposium’s program cover. The magnolia ripples imply the owl logo of Rice University. Houston – 2012 //////

Broadmoor Development Corp.

Developed the branding for the Broadmoor Development Corporation, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating blight and spurring investment in the central New Orleans neighborhood. The BDC wanted a logo that reflected the unique architecture and spirit of the neighborhood without being too abstract or unfriendly. I went with a simple stylized […]

Beauty Season

The summer edition of Personal Panopticon, a week-long salon of art, food, music, and conversation. After another semester of consuming information, working under deadline, and being critiqued for creating, Beauty Season was a space for free expression. This poster, folded in half, was the cover of a summary chapbook. Sparklers, […]

Golden Bears

Created for a Yale Class of 2006 reunion in Lake Tahoe, Ca. to celebrate five years since graduation. Printed in the Mission, San Francisco. The title – There’s Old in Them Hills – was suggested by David Zax. My sister contends ‘towards’ is not standard and wouldn’t pass an editor; […]

Surgery Dot Com

Sticker and poster design for band Surgery Dot Com. A noise pop/punk band made up of former members of Washington DC-bands True Womanhood and Me Monster, their music “is a powerful and intense catastrophe, reminiscent of numerous internet surgical experiments gone terribly wrong.” Their first – and possibly only – […]

Personal Panopticon

Personal Panopticon was a week-long creative salon in Cambridge, Ma. during the winter of 2011. A group of graduate students and young professionals gathered to make art for art’s sake, cooking intricate dishes, and general nonsense. After a year of consuming information, Personal Panopticon was a chance to produce. And […]

City-Works Website

Updated and rebranded the website of City-Works, an urban planning non-profit in New Orleans. Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, City-Works provided an early framework for the community planning efforts in the rebuilding city, including new neighborhood maps, surveys of organizations, and local conferences. The website – long dormant […]