City Postcards

A series of three-color posters for places in my past. The designs are constantly in flux as they are prepared for screen-printing. All of these posters represent real places: the Elm Street gate in New Haven, Bywater in New Orleans, the Huntington State Beach in Orange County. New Orleans – […]

Washington Ave. Livable Centers Study

Created posters and outreach material for the Washington Avenue Livable Centers project, a twelve month planning project in Houston, TX. A collaboration between Asakura Robinson, the Houston-Galveston Area Council, Better Houston, and many others, the Livable Centers program seeks to create walkable, mixed-use places that provide multi-modal transportation, improve environmental […]

Beauty Season

The summer edition of Personal Panopticon, a week-long salon of art, food, music, and conversation. After another semester of consuming information, working under deadline, and being critiqued for creating, Beauty Season was a space for free expression. This poster, folded in half, was the cover of a summary chapbook. Sparklers, […]

Golden Bears

Created for a Yale Class of 2006 reunion in Lake Tahoe, Ca. to celebrate five years since graduation. Printed in the Mission, San Francisco. The title – There’s Old in Them Hills – was suggested by David Zax. My sister contends ‘towards’ is not standard and wouldn’t pass an editor; […]

Personal Panopticon

Personal Panopticon was a week-long creative salon in Cambridge, Ma. during the winter of 2011. A group of graduate students and young professionals gathered to make art for art’s sake, cooking intricate dishes, and general nonsense. After a year of consuming information, Personal Panopticon was a chance to produce. And […]